Electronics maintenance

Secure your business with COFIEM

A specialist in electronics maintenance and repair since 1991, COFIEM services all types of equipment, from the most basic to the most complex, even without a circuit diagram.

An exclusive approach

We refurbish defective equipment using a precise and proven process. From treating the failure to preventive actions, including cleaning and repacking, everything is done to ensure your equipment complies fully with its specifications.
Defective equipment
Equipment identified so it can be traced
Take in hand
Diagnosis performed by one our 15 experienced and specialised technicians and Costing done by an Expert sales engineer
Breakdowns treated and preventive Actions taken
Use biocompatible processes
Full test
Validation on specific test rigs based on procedures dedicated to each type of equipement
Quality control
Our team validates the Quality of the entire process
Packaged in cardboard box with antistatic packaging and labelled for Shipment
Equipement in compliance
12 month Warranty

A large stock of electronic components

Active, passive, semi-conductor, optoelectronic, display, keyboard, connector, battery, etc. COFIEM has more than 5,700 products stored so it can always service breakdowns quickly and effectively.

High-level technical resources

Technical and test rigs, databases covering more than 200,000 manufacturer products, bacteriological baths, antistatic packaging, etc. Our 15 technicians, experts in electronics industry fields, have all the necessary resources to carry out their maintenance services.

COFIEM's advantages

A free quotation prepared within 48 hours
Service possible within 24/48 hours
A 12-month warranty on all of our services
Total product traceability so customers can provide feedback
Computerised management of work performed and breakdown histories
From fixing breakdowns to preventive action: the guarantee of compliant equipment