ISS : In service support

Stay stop to production shutdowns

Today, with manufacturers' rapid renewal of their equipment lines, electronic systems become obsolete faster than ever. In case of a breakdown, companies can't always find the necessary spare parts. They then have to cope with forced production shutdowns that can cause major cost overruns or, worse, a lost contract.

Together, we can implement a veritable continuity strategy

To provide in service support for your facilities, COFIEM offers you 3 types of complementary continuity strategies :
Our skills, know-how and view of European markets let us help you find viable and measured solutions that are perfectly suited to your specific needs.

They key steps to implement your strategy

1 List
Identify all of the electronic equipment comprising your production lines, includind brands, part numbers and quantities
2 Identify
Identify the components considered as essential, hazardous or strategic on your machines
(by yourself or with COFIEM's assistance).
3 Inquire
Find out the availability of this equipment on the European or world market and study the criticality of these components when they become obsolete
4 Decide
Meet together and decide to act by implementing continuity strategies
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Did you know ?
7 out of 10 breakdowns on a production line are caused by the failure of one of its electronic components that has become obsolete